Discovery Call

Once we receive your initial enquiry, we’ll arrange a suitable time for a 15min discovery call to enable us a good understanding of what the best path forward is. During the call, we’ll find out what stage in the process you’re currently at, details of the site, what the project entails and whether we’re the right fit for your project.

Site Consultation

The next step is a meeting on site to inspect the site, answer any questions and discuss your ideas for the project. If you’ve already had a design completed we’ll discuss it in more detail here as well.

The initial site consultation is free of charge.

Design Concept Package

Following the site discussion, we’ll deliver a concept design package tailored to the project.
Each project and client is unique however package generally includes;

A detailed investigation of the site to identify any specific site conditions that may impact the design early in the design phase. Examples of these conditions may be Bushfires, Flood, easements and the like.

Consultation with the client, us and our building designer to discuss details of the design prior to commencing any drawings.

Detailed survey of the site.

Concept drawing of the project.

A detailed estimate on construction costs based on the concept design.

Preliminary Package

Once you’ve assessed the results of the concept design we’d move into the preliminary stage.

This stage will include;

Further consultation on the design to discuss and make any changes to ensure the best result possible.

Complete architectural drawings consisting of elevations, floor plan, site plan and sections.

Preparation of any specialty consulting reports.

Preparation and submission of relevant applications.

100% fixed price quotation with no hidden costs.

Building Agreement

Following your acceptance of our final fixed price quote we’ll complete a building agreement. Following receipt of the relevant approvals we’ll instate the relevant insurances and accept a 5% deposit on the total cost of the project and schedule a start date.


When the start date has arrived, we’ll commence works on site. Throughout the entirety of the construction phase, we’ll provide regular updates on progress and ample opportunity for meetings onsite. When building with us you’re assured to be a part of the journey and decision-making process. Progress payments are made in pre-nominated stages of the project.


When the project is at practical completion, we’ll arrange a meeting on site for you to undertake a detailed pre-handover walkthrough to inspect the finishing touches. Following your complete satisfaction, final payment is made and it’s time for handover and delivery of a life-changing home for you to enjoy for years to come!

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Expect the Best for your Dream Home or renovation. We certainly do & are waiting to discuss your building visions with you.