Knockdown Rebuild Central Coast

With extensive experience in the knockdown rebuild market, we have an efficient and streamlined approach to each build, allowing of course for individual preferences!

We will walk you through your knockdown rebuild options to ensure we understand your lifestyle and can recommend a design that enhances your every need – every day. 

We will then assist with:

  • Site your block and assist you in choosing a floorplan to suit.
  • Provide upfront fixed prices and quotes, ensuring there are no hidden extras to surprise you down the track.
  • Help you customise your home ensuring that it’s unique but also practical by offering a range of choices on materials and finishes.
  • Manage your building permit and establish a construction timeline.
  • Ensure your new home has everything you need with our luxurious inclusions, quality brands, energy efficiency and renowned Beach Breeze Building new home touches.

Beach Breeze Building Can Help With Your Knockdown Rebuild

  • Lower cost – It’s generally cheaper (per square metre) to build a new home than to extend or renovate your old home.
  • Lower risk – A knockdown rebuild is less risky than renovating. Renovations are known for running over time and over budget.
  • Limited disruption to your lifestyle – Choosing to knock down and rebuild means that there is minimal disruption to your family and their routine. No need to move schools or re-establish in a new neighbourhood.
  • A high-quality result – A renovation often means working around existing structures and having to make compromises. New homes are designed with today’s family lifestyle in mind.
  • Energy efficient – If sustainability is important to you and you want to save money on your energy and water bills, then we can work with you to achieve an even higher energy efficiency rating or simply make your home more efficient.

Luxury Building Services, Down to Earth Advice

Expect the Best for your Dream Home or renovation. We certainly do & are waiting to discuss your building visions with you.