Knockdown Rebuild Central Coast

With extensive experience in the knockdown rebuild market, we have an efficient and streamlined approach to each build, allowing of course for individual preferences!

We will walk you through your knockdown rebuild options to ensure we understand your lifestyle and can recommend a design that enhances your every need – every day. 

We will then assist with:

  • Site your block and assist you in choosing a floorplan to suit.
  • Provide upfront fixed prices and quotes, ensuring there are no hidden extras to surprise you down the track.
  • Help you customise your home ensuring that it’s unique but also practical by offering a range of choices on materials and finishes.
  • Manage your building permit and establish a construction timeline.
  • Ensure your new home has everything you need with our luxurious inclusions, quality brands, energy efficiency and renowned Beach Breeze Building new home touches.

Beach Breeze Building Can Help With Your Knockdown Rebuild

  • Lower cost – It’s generally cheaper (per square metre) to build a new home than to extend or renovate your old home.
  • Lower risk – A knockdown rebuild is less risky than renovating. Renovations are known for running over time and over budget.
  • Limited disruption to your lifestyle – Choosing to knock down and rebuild means that there is minimal disruption to your family and their routine. No need to move schools or re-establish in a new neighbourhood.
  • A high-quality result – A renovation often means working around existing structures and having to make compromises. New homes are designed with today’s family lifestyle in mind.
  • Energy efficient – If sustainability is important to you and you want to save money on your energy and water bills, then we can work with you to achieve an even higher energy efficiency rating or simply make your home more efficient.

Check out all the frequently asked questions about Beach Breeze Building

Yes, here at Beach Breeze Building we can guide you through the entire process. It can be daunting and a stressful experience preparing and undertaking a building project. To relieve you of the stress and ensure the best outcome possible, we take care of everything including site investigations, designing plans, preparing reports, lodging and managing applications, liaising with council and relevant authority’s, co-ordinating selections, sourcing materials, co-ordination works to complete construction.
Timing varies from project to project depending on the complexity and size of the project. The design and approval process usually takes 4-6 months, and construction 4-8 months. Generally, we advise our clients to expect a 1-year turnaround from concept design to handover of the keys.

We understand it can be daunting to initially commit and selecting the right company to work with is imperative to a successful outcome. With this in mind, our process is broken down into stages, Concept, Preliminary and Construction. This minimises the commitment you need to make so you can ensure we’re the right fit. There is no obligation to move onto the next stage if you decide not to proceed with us or the development altogether.

If you engage us for the construction of your home, you don’t pay for everything upfront. The total fixed price is broken into 5-7 progress payments which are claimed as works are completed and milestones reached throughout the build.

We can offer 3D rendering services and a virtual walkthrough of the home design. This can give you a better feel for the home and sense of the space and layout.
Yes, each of our home designs are thermally assessed to ensure a minimum 7-star rating. We’ll discuss options for improvements with you throughout the design process to ensure the best result possible.
Yes, we pride ourselves on our communication here a Beach Breeze! You’ll have direct contact to your builder as well as 24/7 access to our project management software, so you’ll always be up to date on what’s taking place onsite. We also schedule site meetings so you can inspect progress 1st hand and discuss any potential changes.
Yes, we provide complete flexibility and can accommodate changes should you decide to change anything as the build progresses.

We offer a 13-week minor defect period and 7-year structural warranty.

Our service area encompasses the entire Central Coast region and lower Lake Macquarie suburbs as well.

Yes, we hold current insurance with public and product liability of $20,000,000.00. as well as a current NSW builders’ licence.
Our licence is registered with NSW Fair Trading and you can confirm our licence by visiting NSW Fair Trading Website.

Yes, our detailed estimating process allows us to offer fixed price proposals for our clients. Unlike some builders there are no hidden costs and no unwanted surprises.
Yes, it’s your home and we give you complete freedom when it comes to selections. Being custom you get to choose all materials, finishes and fixtures. We can source anything you like and also have an established network of local suppliers to choose from.
The home building compensation fund (HBCF) replaced the previous home warranty insurance (HWI). The fund acts as a safety net for owners and provides cover for major and minor defect works or the event that prevents the builder from completing the project. This form of cover is required for any project with a value greater than $20,000.00 and needs to be in place before any works or a construction certificate is issued. To confirm our eligibility or for further information about HBCF you can visit the HBCF website.
No, unfortunately we don’t undertake smaller renovations of bathrooms and the like. We assess each projects suitability, but typically the home needs to be vacated during construction.

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Expect the Best for your Dream Home or renovation. We certainly do & are waiting to discuss your building visions with you.

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